unemployed, not equipped to deal with

unemployed, not equipped to deal with

unemployed, not equipped to deal with complex insurance programs, deductibles, co-payments and all other accessories Policy Healthcare typical. They are poor, they are unemployed, they get sick, and they need a place to go for treatment without bureaucratic and procedural obstacles.

Have district hospitals throughout the country, provided that this place is now a funding threshold, and in many cases, the disappearance of the Bill of health reform threatened.

A number of proposals to be put affordable health care for all Americans by those who tried to listen during the legislative process. All these proposals were selected by a Congress determined to impose state control of health care denied.

Among the rejected proposals are intended for people to buy health insurance, afford. Currently require government mandated to buy a man to cover maternity leave, it will never be used, or to pay excessive premiums to insure against falling into madness.

It would be like a government mandate requires each with a Rolls Royce instead of a Ford to buy. And if people can not afford, the Rolls Royce, they have no car at all.

Another proposal was rejected was to allow health insurance to competition from state to state, increasing competition to provide affordable insurance coverage.

off proposals for modest curbs on malpractice suits many millions of dollars billion dollars away from health care and in the pockets of the lawyers for the prosecution of high-vehicles were also rejected.

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