What to Look for in Residential Elder Care Homes

What to Look for in Residential Elder Care Homes

A snippet of residential care facilities in different advertisements gives us a glimpse of its environment. Before you step inside a care home, think about the needs of your elder person and prepare a questionnaire. It is always advisable to research each potential care homes since there are no federal standards for these homes. States with licensing regulations provide surveys on each residential care home, so start by contacting your state’s department of aging for information, or ask each residential care home for its survey.

First of all, don’t judge home care facilities by their outside decorations and internal glamour. Ambiences are good, but the most important aspect is the caregivers experience and background. Your loved ones will be looking for care with dignity. If the caregiver is joyful and happy, the residents will be happy too. The glamour and decorations do not mean quality care. The following points are required to be kept in mind:

· Experience and history of the owner and staff members.

· Ease with which an elder can communicate with the caregiver.

· Are the caregivers live-in or do they work in shifts?

The appropriate answers to the above points depend on the care your loved one needs. Some residents will need overnight on-duty staff member to take care of them.

The most important thing is that residential care facilities should be clean and tidy. When touring the residential care, ask yourself, ‘would my loved-one cope with this environment?’ Watch the residents in action and look at the home’s activity calendar. Try asking the following questions:

· Do they allow pets?

· Are there transportation facilities to medical appointments and church services?

· How are the health issues managed including bathing and toileting?

· Are the residents just reminded to take meds, or does the staff administer them?

· Will the home provide meal facilities according to the tastes of your loved-ones?

· How much is the monthly rate, including all the fees? Does the home accept Medicaid?

It is always advisable to visit more than one elder care home before you make a final decision. Before choosing a residential elder care home, make sure all of your questions in your questionnaire are answered. Remember, these caregivers will take care of your loved-ones and you have to pay for that.

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