Weight Issue in Teenagers

Weight Issue in Teenagers

When it comes to girls or kids in general, there are certain pluses and minuses as far as weight loss is concerned. A kid is more likely to eat junk and heed less on healthy eating advice but it has certain traits to balance things with.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to weight loss for kids. The best approach is a general approach which incorporates the following:

Encourage your kids to make changes to their general lifestyle

Encourage them to become more physically active

Make it easy for them to eat healthily

Set a good example for them, yourself

Today's life is real bad! Television, Internet (Gosh! You're reading this on internet too), junking out etc. etc.

Studies show that overweightness and television watching has a strong link. There are certain reasons for that. The foremost being the thousands of junk food ads which leave their print on children's subconscious minds and eventually lure them to eat unhealthy.

Too much internet, computer games and cable TV prevents kids from being more active physically and take up sports as hobbies.

The best thing to do is that parents become healthy role models for children by taking greater interest in their kids and their activities. Parents should encourage kids to read, do something creative or participate in sports and other physical activities like dancing etc.

Encourage your kids to become more physically active


Be active yourself! Share your activity with your kids.

Play with them! Play football, go cycling, go skating, go swimming.

Be more active as a family. Take family walks and hikes, and so on.

Help your kids to find activities that they enjoy by showing them different possibilities.

A good trick to encourage them to take exercise is to ask them to help you to get fit. Ask them to go for a walk with you, or a swim, or a cycle.

Eating healthy is very important to lose weight and stay slim and that's no different for kids although it's more difficult in the sense that kids don't realize that they must eat healthy in order to stay fit and slim. Even most men don't! Women are by far the most health-conscious group.

What you gotta do is to introduce the healthy changes step by step. Don't be overly excited, stringent or drastic about it all. One more very important thing to keep in mind is that if there are other kids in the family whose weight is normal, don't make an issue of the overweight child having to 'go on a diet', while the other kids carry on eating as 'normal'.