Tips For Using Self Tanning Lotions And Foams

Tips For Using Self Tanning Lotions And Foams

Simple to use self tanning lotions and foams create lovely golden bronze shades you will find hard to resist. Since all the risks associated with sunbathing became well-known, many people finally realized self tanning products are the best alternative. They are mostly based on one special active component called DHA. It is based on natural sugar and perfectly harmless.

DHA has a strange characteristic. Applied on the skin, it causes chemical reaction with amino acids in surface skin layer. The result is very appealing golden bronze hue. More DHA in your self tanning product will create darker shade. Of course, there are other additives in your lotion, such as moisturizers, fragrances and color enhancers.

To give your skin some special golden glow and appealing radiance, apply slightly darker color than your natural complexion has. If you want to achieve amazingly looking dark bronze nuances during summer, some self tanning foams will easily provide them. There are some simple advices that can help you achieve very nice results.

Pull your hair up before starting with the application. It is important to exfoliate the face first, to remove all those dead skin cells. Make a mixture of a few drops of selected self tanning lotion and a little bit of your favorite face moisturizer. Apply it on your face and neck first, and then to your ears. Make sure not to miss the spot.

If you put some eye cream under your eyes, these areas will remain lighter when you apply self tanning lotion on your face. This little trick will make you look younger. Another thing that can be done to make your fake tan more realistic is to add a little bronzing powder on your cheeks, forehead and nose. Naturally achieved tan is never perfectly even on all areas.

Protect your cuticles and nails applying a small amount of Vaseline on them. If you get stains on your nails anyway, remove them with a strong nail polish remover. Denture cleaner or a toothpaste could help as well. Soaking your fingers in denture cleaning solution is especially effective.

Exfoliation is necessary before applying self tanning products on your body, too. Some areas can be problematic, such as heels and elbows. They need to be well-exfoliated and moisturized. It is advisable to shave at least one day before applying self tanning lotions and foams. Don’t use your shaving cream if you have dry or sensitive skin. Baby oil is much better for this purpose.

Moisturizing is always important, but after applying self tanning lotion, you should moisturize daily. Another important thing is to use gloves when applying sunless tan lotion. Stained hands and dark palms aren’t very appealing, but you can remove those stains using a mixture made of honey and baking soda. Instead of baking soda you can use salt or even some iced sugar. This paste will work well on streaks, too.

Sunless tan salons can give you the best results, anyway. It will cost you more, but experienced technician really knows how to achieve great results. They mostly use airbrush technology for applying your chosen color. Using self tanning booths is cheaper, yet effective method for achieving very nice bronze color, streak-free and attractive.

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