How to do Meditation at Home for Beginners - Health Orane

How to do Meditation at Home for Beginners - Health Orane

How to do Meditation at Home for Beginners

By Manisha Bajaj on April 12, 2016 in Health TipsTagged Meditation At Home Tips, Meditation Guide, Meditation Tips For Beginners, Meditation Videos Tutorials

Meditation has been practiced from decades. Advantages to this has been numerous. It is tough task to begin the meditation but for another person they think it is an easy job as you have nothing to do except sit idle. But they actually do not understand this is the most tough job.

If you are one of those who have an easy approach towards this meditation and you accept the challenge to meditate. Let us make this task easy for you. Since you are a beginner to meditation, here are some tips to do meditation at home for beginner.

How to do Meditation at Home for Beginners

To prepare yourself for meditation is an important task before you start with your meditation practice. To get prepared some of the things you can start with are

If you actually want to meditate, first understand the reason because that helps you built focus towards your goal. Meditation is another word for focus if you are focused you are into meditation.

When you are beginner to meditation, find some area with zero distractions. With no sound, no music, no tv, no phones (major distraction). A distraction free zone is the point for you to generate focus. You can use dim light or scented candles to concentrate. Morning time is best for concentration.

When you are new to meditation, find a comfortable zone for meditation. You can use bed, couch, cushion or anything you feel comfortable at. Wear comfortable clothes too.

After you have prepared yourself for meditation. Now you are ready to start meditation. To start with meditation. Here is something you can try out.

Since it is your beginning towards meditation. You should start it for mall intervals. First start with two minutes. Yes, it may sound easy. But that’s great. This small two minutes help you maintain patience and incorporate tolerance power to sit for two minutes idle. If you are satisfied with this time, increase it by two more minutes. By the end of month, you are able to sit for 10 minutes per day.

Do it each morning. A routine needs to be built. Don’t think to skip these. It just demands your two minutes each day. Infact it is thing that demands most of your practice.

At start your mind wanders round and round. Let it do not get frustrated if you are not able to focus. Slowly and slowly try to focus at your breath. At the start it would be hard but slow and slow you will be successful. Do not focus on anything but your breathe. Take long breathe and count your breath, if it is still hard to focus.

These are tips for you to begin with meditation. Let us see how successful you are in completing your challenge. Share your experience with us too.

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