How does liposuction work anyway?

How does liposuction work anyway?

No doubt if you have been researching liposuction you have heard many unfamiliar terms bandied about. Just how does liposuction work anyway?

On the day of surgery when you enter your liposuction facility you will be asked to put on a loose fitting surgical clothing or robe. The doctor will closely examine your body and sketch out the game plan. Generally this consists our outlining fatty areas with a black Sharpie permanent marker. The doctor will use these marking to determine where to insert the liposuction tube.

The actual surgery:

Prior to surgery you will be given a general anesthetic. The liposuction doctor will make a small incision in one or more locations near your fat deposits. Next a stainless-steel tube (sometimes referred to as a cannula) is pushed into the incision through the skin and into the deep fat layer below the skins surface.

Once the cannula has been inserted the doctor will push and pull the tube repeatedly through the fat layer. As the tube moves, it break apart the fat cells. A vacuum pump built into the device removes the fat with suction power. You will be wrapped in elastic bandages for a few days around the treated area to give your skin a chance to rebond.

Please remember that the goal of liposuction is body reshaping technique. Only diet and exercise can result in real weight loss.

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