ClydeSight Productions Stop Smoking Computer Program Improves Romance

ClydeSight Productions Stop Smoking Computer Program Improves Romance

ClydeSight Productions Stop Smoking Computer Program Improves Romance

Self-help program helps smokers quit the habit in time to find love for Valentines Day.

Malden, MA January 18, 2005 -- ClydeSight Productions announces the availability of the System 12 Self-Improvement Interactive: Smoke Free program in time for Valentines Day. Smokers seeking love and romance are experiencing difficulty these days as their habit blocks them from meeting the right people. System 12 is a program to quit smoking that runs on a Windows or Mac PC. Taking a multimedia spin on the self-help theme, there are no pills, gum or patches to use and refill with the program. To learn more about System 12 and to preview features, please visit

Personal ads and dating service clients often specify non-smokers only, compounding lonely smokers expensive addictions with the fact that being a smoker automatically excludes them from potential relationships. People who are already in committed relationships run into problems when one member smokes and the other dislikes the habit. Many smokers seeking love greatly benefit from a simple and effective program to help them quit smoking, but finding the right one is difficult.

Hypnotherapist John Murray wrote of the program, The mind never wants to give up anything-- and with this program you dont feel deprived. You feel more satisfied by being smoke free.

System 12 Self-Improvement Interactive: Smoke Free is self-directed and broadens the tradition of audio-only self-help systems with a fully interactive CD-ROM program--a new approach to stop smoking through the computer. Built on a solid foundation of support instead of rhetoric, System 12 doesnt enforce a cold turkey method, but instead gently encourages smokers to reduce their smoking habit until they quit completely in their own way and time. It helps them manage the smoking mindset, the true source of addiction, through a series of 12 modules. Because of its gentle approach, smokers feel no stress as they quit.

In their January 2005 issue, Smart Computing magazine wrote of the program, making yourself acutely aware of your habit, you can begin to make the decisions necessary to change it.

Just as the mind is the greatest sex organ in the body, its also the greatest organ for change. With System 12 Self-Improvement Interactive: Smoke Free, smokers find that they simply dont want to smoke. Being smoke free, they are more able to find love and romance.

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