20 May 2013

20 May 2013

The Dietmatch Difference

Our idea is to compare adult dieters with people who are like them – either it is by age, gender, health conditions, aptness levels and more,” says Dietmatch CEO David Humble.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

The founders of Dietmatch, Inc. announced now a launch of a customized online weight detriment module that matches like-minded dieters in their weight-loss journeys within a suitable Dietmatch group. The initial amicable dieting network, Dietmatch.com offers personalized healthy diet plans, weight detriment tips and support by online live organisation meetings and pre-recorded meetings by a purebred dietitian or expert. For a singular time only, Dietmatch is charity lifetime giveaway memberships.

The executive organisation obliged for formulating eDiets, a premiere Internet weight detriment company, has banded together once again – this time to change a face of online dieting. By mixing all of a components that make an online weight detriment module successful and utilizing slicing corner technology, Dietmatch, Inc. offers an innovative proceed to shedding those additional pounds.

“Our idea is to compare adult dieters with people who are like them – either it is by age, gender, health conditions, aptness levels and more,” says Dietmatch CEO David Humble. By carrying some-more in common with their organisation members, Dietmatch members will be some-more expected to continue in their weight detriment module and grasp success. Research has found that dieters who have support systems in place are some-more successful during losing weight and gripping it off.

“When users finish a Dietmatch.com profile, a state-of-the-art exclusive module creates a customized and gentle support complement where a dieters know any other’s goals and challenges. Finally, a module where your associate dieters ‘get’ you,” explains Humble.

While many people struggling to remove weight mostly feel alone in a process, they are distant from it. The latest supervision statistics suggested that roughly 70 percent of adults and 32 percent of school-age children are overweight or obese. A investigate conducted by a International Food Information Council Foundation dynamic that 55 percent of people wish to remove weight, while commentary by a marketplace investigate organisation NPD organisation found that an estimated 60 percent of adults wish to strew a smallest of 20 pounds.

With a enterprise to grasp durability weight detriment some-more distinguished than ever, Dietmatch.com is once again changing a landscape of dieting. Dieters no longer have to spin to normal brick-and-mortar meetings where they onslaught to find common belligerent with members from opposite walks of life. With Dietmatch.com, dieters suffer live online meetings with people identical to themselves, along with healthy diet plans, tips to remove weight and a different array of online collection during their fingertips.

The amicable aspect of Dietmatch.com is already a proven regulation for successful weight loss. A 2009 investigate conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, dynamic that participants who attended organisation conversing sessions mislaid some-more weight and kept it off.

Dietmatch.com is now using an rudimentary offer that is unparalleled. For a singular time, members who join Dietmatch.com will accept a giveaway lifetime membership.

David Humble says, “Having helped some-more than dual million people remove weight in a past, a organisation of experts is prepared to collect adult where other weight detriment programs have left off. We have brought together all of a constituent components of offline and online dieting in one available destination.

About Dietmatch, Inc.

From a creators of online dieting comes a subsequent expansion in Internet weight detriment programs – a amicable dieting network relating members with others who have identical weight goals and lifestyles. Dietmatch, Inc. was founded in May 2011 by a father of online dieting, David Humble. Through a subsequent era of online dieting, members accept customized healthy diet plans, weight detriment tips, online weight detriment tools, as good as total entrance to consultant recommendation and live groups meetings around a Internet.



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