ion eXtra™ Lowers Blood Pressure

ion eXtra™ Lowers Blood Pressure

How High is Your Blood Pressure?

The World Health Organisation describes high blood pressure (hypertension) as “the silent killer”. By 2015 over 1.5 billion people will suffer from it and, in the United States and Western Europe, one in three people have blood pressure that is too high. In the UK alone, 50,000 people will die unnecessarily this year because their high blood pressure was not treated. Because it is virtually symptom free, you cannot tell whether it affects you without actually measuring your blood pressure.

Do you know what your reading is?

Just having your blood pressure taken by the doctor can send it shooting up. Click here to see how you should take it yourself.

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What Causes High Blood Pressure?

A very small number of cases of high blood pressure are caused by organ damage and, if you have this problem, you will almost certainly have other symptoms that your doctor has explained to you.

At least 95% of all cases of hypertension are caused by the loss of capillaries. These are the tiny blood vessels that deliver blood to the individual cells. There are 30 capillary loops in every square millimetre of skin and you have between 25,000 and 60,000 miles of these and that is where the majority of your blood is at any one time.

When you lose capillaries, there is nowhere else for their share of the blood supply to go and so your blood pressure goes up.

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The risks of high blood pressure can be managed with lifestyle changes and with prescribed drugs. However, this is symptom management and does not restore capillary health. In order to keep your blood pressure down, you will have to take the medicines for the rest of your life in increasing doses and you will probably experience unwanted side effects. There are many natural blood thinning treatments on the market that provide some relief but these also need to be taken every day, for the rest of your life.

Only ion eXtra™ treats the underlying cause of high blood pressure, the loss of capillaries. While lifestyle improvements are also important, ion eXtra™ will reduce 95% of cases of high blood pressure after the first 30 day course and this can be maintained by occasional additional treatments.

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ion eXtra™ Trial Results

In an independent trial 72 out of 73 people, between 39 and 78 years of age, achieved a considerable health gain as a result of taking one 30 day course of ion eXtra™. Overall the results appear to be better in terms of efficiency, and rapidity of effect, than any other current health intervention in essential hypertension.

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