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Sweet Health 4 Life

One of the things that make electronic cigarettes very popular on the market is the different flavors users can choose from. There are a number of flavors available from top suppliers, ranging from the regular tobacco flavor to apple flavoured vaping juice. Which flavor is the best? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

When it comes to choosing the best flavor that suits you, taste and preferences are the main factors to consider. If you love the conventional flavor of tobacco cigarettes, for instance, you can go for the regular flavored refill cartridges or the Cowboy flavored ones; the later mimics the taste and aroma of American-blend cigarettes such as Marlboro and Lucky Strike.

Menthol and the newly introduced Mild Menthol are also quite popular on the market. As the name suggests, these flavors offer the cool sensation you normally get from menthol cigarettes. Mild Menthol offers the lighter mint flavor with hints of tobacco flavors, while the full Menthol flavor is more refreshing and cool.

As mentioned earlier, other flavors – mainly based on fruits – are also quite interesting. Apple, cherry, strawberry, and other flavors available on the market are very interesting to try. My personal favorite is the coffee flavored refill cartridges, combining the pleasure of smoking and the unique aroma of coffee.

If you want to try multiple flavors without having to buy packs of 10 refill cartridges for each one, you can always order a mixed pack. For the same price – usually under $20 for a pack of 10 refill cartridges – you can order up to 10 different flavors to try. Trying the best flavors will allow you to decide the ones that suit you best.

So, which flavors are best? You can decide yourself by picking the ones you enjoy the most.