Some Pure Benefit Of Home Remedy For Cold Sore

Some Pure Benefit Of Home Remedy For Cold Sore

Cold sores flare ups can be caused by several different things. It can be from a fever, stress, fatigue, menstruation or anything else that upsets the immune system. You will start to feel a tingle on your lip or right above or below the lip line. This is a sign that the sore is coming to the surface to wreck havoc on your appearance and to cause you pain.There are a several over the counter cold sore remedies on the market. These remedies do not cure the sore permanently, but they can lesson the symptoms. They may also shorten the duration of the breakout.

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Mint – a dose of mint extract called Melissa Officiinalis is effective in accelerating the healing and clearing up the cold sores in as short as 4 to 5 days. *Sage – sage is consumed as a tea, ie Sage tea to clear the cold sore outbreak. Sage tea is a highly effective cold sore remedy that works well against sores. To prepare the tea, you need to mix a few sage leaves and a teaspoon of powdered ginger with boiling water. A few cups of these is ideal for the whole day. *Lysine – A lot of today’s over the counter medications for cold sores contain lysine. Basically, lysine is able to inhibit the HPV virus’s ability to replicate itself. When you increase your lysine intake, you can reduce the recurrence of cold sores and at the same time dramatically reduce the pain, swelling and discomfort when cold sores do break out. You can easily find lysine in dairy products like milk and also in yoghurt.*Vaseline – Vaseline is one of the petroleum-based cold sore remedies capable of soothing the cold sores with preventing cracking and dryness. It is also helpful in protecting your cold sores against bacterial infections. *Come to my cold sore blog and find out more effective cold sore remedies that can be applied at home for quick pain relief and recurrence prevention.

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Another lauded home remedy for a cold sore is the ingestion of four capsules of acidophilus with milk three or four times every day. Others swear by rubbing aloe gel or juice on the cold sores or apply a paste made of cornstarch. Still others say that lemon balm extracts works will, or spirit of camphor. Home remedies are great because they are so effective in healing cold sores. They don’t cost much and aren’t hard to find. Most of these home remedies for cold sores will do a lot to relieve your pain and promote faster healing, especially if you start before the cold sore fully emerges as a blister.