Liposuction Cost – A Manageable Expense

Liposuction Cost – A Manageable Expense

The purpose of this article is to provide some basic ideas regarding the cost of liposuction on various parts of the body. Liposuction costs will fluctuate widely depending on the type of liposuction procedure to be performed and the area of the body to be treated. Liposuction cost for a single procedure on one area can cost as little as $800, but this cost can reach many thousands of dollars where more extensive liposuction is required. Additionally, the liposuction cost will vary from one plastic surgeon to another and also depends on the geographic location of the plastic surgeon. However, in general terms, the liposuction cost is based on the area of the body where the fat is removed.

Liposuction Financing and Costs

There are many variables in attempting to estimate the cost of a liposuction procedure. Whilst liposuction is routine cosmetic surgery performed by many plastic or cosmetic surgeons the variables can include the difference in cost between performing a procedure on a man or a woman. Liposuction for men is generally a more extensive – and therefore more expensive – procedure than for women, due in part to the differences in fat texture. A person’s general health and age can also affect the cost of the procedure. It should be noted that liposuction is not appropriate for those suffering from diabetes or other auto-immune diseases, heart or artery problems, or with a history of blood clotting or restricted blood flow. Liposuction financing and cosmetic surgery financing generally is not widely recommended because it makes the procedure so much more expensive in the long run. If you do need to make financing arrangements for your surgery you should be able to make an application through your doctor’s office.


Liposuction is routinely performed by many cosmetic surgeons. When you begin your search for a plastic surgeon, look for one who specializes in liposuction. Assess the difference in liposuction costs within your local area plus nearby regions. You may find cost differences between cosmetic surgeons practicing in urban, suburban or rural areas. You should get a more meaningful liposuction cost estimate after your initial examination by your surgeon and when you and your surgeon have developed a surgical plan for your procedure. Check that your surgeon has the appropriate training and board certification when you are investigating the cost for liposuction. A highly qualified, board-certified surgeon will command a higher fee, however that should help to ensure a successful outcome with fewer risks of complications. Remember that liposuction cost will vary between surgeons and also between geographic locations.


The introduction of ultrasonic liposuction increased the number of patients suitable for body sculpting. Ultrasonic liposuction allows fat to be removed from areas that were previously unsuitable for liposuction and can allow for more complete fat removal from various body areas. Of course, this advanced liposuction technique comes at a price and ultrasonic liposuction costs can be significantly higher than traditional tumescent liposuction.

Other Cost Factors

Other factors can affect liposuction cost in certain cases: If you need to travel to have your liposuction procedure performed in a different geographic region, you will need to allow for your travel and additional accommodation expenses. However, these travel costs need not make a major impact on the total cost of your liposuction.


Liposuction can be performed on many different areas of the body by cosmetic surgeons of varying qualifications and skills. The surgeon may employ different types of machines, and use different types of anesthesia; all these differences will affect cost.

As with most plastic surgery, liposuction cost is comprised of three main fees: surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, and operating facility fees. Additional costs for liposuction techniques can include compression garments and bandages worn after surgery, fees for laboratory tests, or other post-operative care fees. Some surgeons will prescribe treatments such as ultrasound, massage, or Endermologie after liposuction, and there will be fees associated with these additional treatments. Ask your surgeon to advise you in advance about other costs, charges, or fees.

Liposuction costs can vary greatly between different city, state and rural areas and also between surgeons of varying experience and qualifications. While consulting with a variety of plastic surgeons regarding liposuction procedures people will find major differences in liposuction cost. Ensure you engage a reputable and highly qualified surgeon to perform your procedure.

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