Fast Ways To Lose Weight

Fast Ways To Lose Weight

Many dieters are looking for fast ways to Lose Weight, but is this possible?  Many may argue with me about this, but to

lose weight fast is not the best approach.  Yes, you can lose weight faster but faster does not mean in a matter of a few

weeks.  Also, to lose weight quickly will also depend on your current weight; meaning, the more you weigh, the longer it

will take to get to your weight goal.

First, let’s talk about about why quick weight loss is not the best approach to a healthy and more fit you.

1.  It has been proven that losing weight slowly tends to say off longer. Dramatic weight loss usually results in losing water

weight and not the fat loss that one is normally wanting.  Water weight loss will surface gain; thus, resulting in the yo-yo

dieting efforts.

2. Crash diets to lose weight fast usually entails starving yourself; thereby, reducing calorie intake.  Shedding unwanted

pounds this way is dangerous.  In fact, the body will usually retaliate by putting on more weight than what was originally

lost.  This type approach fails because the weight is gained once you return to eating normally.

3. Diet pills, shakes, etc. are not a solution to weight loss. These diet alternatives lead to temporary results.  Again more


Overall, there are fast ways to lose weight, but the end result is most times the same.   Quick weight loss is unhealthy and

will leave you frustrated and still overweight.  Instead, try implementing ways to lose weight naturally.

To accomplish a healthy weight loss approach:

Start exercising:  This is the best way to lose weight.  Your exercise regime should incorporate both cardio and strenght

training.  The cardio to burn the fat and the strength training to help your body increase metabolism even at rest and give

you long term weight loss results.  Even sports activites; such as, tennis, basketball, swimming, etc can help give you the

weight loss results you desire.

Strength Training: Helps to build lean muscle. As stated earlier, this will enable you to burn fat a will and convert it into

energy.  Not only does this increase your metabolism, but it wil also help you lose weight fast.

Healthy Meal Plans: Don’t deny yourself food.  This will only put you in “starvation mode”, which causes a decrease in

your metabolism.  Eat more but in smaller portions.  Ceate a meal plan that is healthy. Replace red meat with lean meat.

Chicken and fish are good choices for lean meat.  They are also a good source for protein.  Avoid processed foods.  Have

2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  These are a good source of fiber and vitamins as well as other nutrients that

the body needs.

Lastly, rest.  Always listen to your body.  Sleep is very important to the preservation of your body.  You need at least 7-8

hours of sleep. After working out, rest your body.  Overworking your body can cause fatigue and stress.  Rest can also

help you recover quicker and increase muscle growth.  Remember, muscles burn fat; thus help you to lose weight quickly.