Best Alkaline Filter Review

Best Alkaline Filter Review

Alkaline Filter

If you are wondering which are the best alkaline water filter systems to choose from then read on. It could be hard to choose which one is the best but consumers and proponents of alkaline water agree that to be the best alkaline water filter you need to be practical to use, innovative, efficient, durable, with an impressive warranty on parts and labor and of course must be priced reasonably. Here are three of the most popular and are ranked as the best alkaline filters in the market today:

  • Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer with dual water filter JS205 – this water filter system belongs to high end water ionizer systems priced at $2,195 online. It has impressive features and boasts of a lifetime warranties. The Athena has these features:

- Has a unique dual filtration system that will ensure clean and healthy water for the entire family.

- You can easily attach the unit to your kitchen faucet or a water supply. It can also be installed under the sink.

- With a unique calcium port that can add extra calcium to your water.

- With a 9 –stage Biostone filter.

- Uses a platinum – titanium mesh electrodes that will provide varying pH level settings and high ORP levels.

The only disadvantage is the price; it is currently one of the most expensive models online.

  • Chanson Miracle Counter Top alkaline water ionizer – this is a moderately priced water ionizer system that is currently available online for $1,650. It has a lifetime warranty with the best features that you can never find in any filtration and ionization system:

- Has a 7 pure titanium plates that can provide varying pH levels and ORP levels giving you the most efficient water ionization methods in the industry.

- Has self maintenance functions like self clean, remaining filter life and can even adjust automatically to meet your current water standards.

- It may be mounted on the wall next to the sink or just be placed near a tap water source.

- It has a stylish and compact design with the most advanced features that are not available in high end brands.

  • Alive Water 7 –plate water ionizer AW17.0 – this is an alkaline water filter and ionizer brand that has FDA approval for safety and has ETL certification. The Alive Water ionizer is available online for $895 currently one of the most affordable brands in the market today. Here are Active Water 9 –plate ionizer features that you are looking for in the best water ionizers online:

- Has a limited five year warranty.

- Has 7 “Healthy Water” settings to choose from: 4 alkaline continuously variable (ionized), 2 acidic presets (ionized) and 1 (non-ionized) purified water setting.

- With an advanced 7 plate system that can provide varying pH levels. Plates are made of platinum coated titanium which will last longer, more durable and are energy efficient.

- Has a self cleaning feature saving you hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees.

- It can purify and clean water with its built-in active carbon water filter featuring the longest life of a year and can purify as much as 1,585 gallons of water.

- Helpful features that you will really use like intuitive backlit large LCD display, high ORP ranges and a compact design that you cannot find in models of the same price range.

- The Active Water system is very easy to attach to your sink faucet or a water supply near the sink. It may also stand alone near the sink faucet or may be installed on the wall near the sink.

- It is compact, easy to use and will provide the most efficient ionizing process that you will never find in ionizers of the same price range