What Makes A Good Adventure Vehicle?

What Makes A Good Adventure Vehicle?

Adventure vehicles like truck trailers are used when you want to take an off road trip on a treacherous path. The idea is to go on a safari or simply explore an unfathomed area either for research or recreational purpose. A good adventure vehicle has to be sturdy enough to withstand all the jolts and jerks of rough roads and other terrains and also should not break down at the middle of nowhere. So, here are some of the features which make caper trailers a reliable adventure vehicle.

Chassis forms the backbone of off road camper trailers. Suspension, bearings and axle – all these work in a coordinated fashion and are made quite sturdy. All these parts are connected to chassis and create a strong foundation for the vehicle which cannot be formed by merely putting some heavy springs beneath the body.

Heavy RHS (Rolled Hollow Section) such as 60x60x3, 75x50x3 and 50x50x3 are used to form rails; cross member and the A frame parts of the chassis of off road camper trailers. Frame of a good trailer should be made by positioning the A frame at the back of the front spring hangers and this provides maximum strength. Length of the A frame determines how much weight it can carry.

Suspension of the camper trailer should not be too hard or too soft. In both the cases, suspension may not be able to retain the load and all the components involved in doing so may break due to constant shaking of the suspension. So, designers first evaluate the load capacity intended and then build the suspension further on this load value. Eye to eye leaf type of suspension works better for the adventure vehicles. If you are looking for accessories for camper trailers, see this post for details.

Shock absorbers promote the rebounding of springs or coils. These play very important role in helping trailer cruise through the rough roads. A leaf type of suspension on the top supported by two reverse leafs which withstands the rebound of the main leaf also act as a brilliant shock absorber. Shock absorber prevents the fatigue or shock of the comprising components.

Traveler needs to carry items of varying weights while on an adventure trip. 1300 kg forms the ideal weight to start with while making a sturdy axle, but the manufacturer needs to experiment with different weights time to time so that right from a chair to a boat, everything can be carried on the vehicle with ease.

Apart from these, ball weight, bearing size, wheel/tire combination are other parameters which are kept in mind for building a reliable off road camper trailer. Track on which it is supposed to run and the finished look of the camper are two exciting visible features, lastly, which ultimately influence the buying decision.