VSI Medical

VSI Medical

If You Are Between Jobs, On COBRA, A Temporary Worker, Or
Simply Waiting For Other Health Insurance To Start:

New Health Care Reform Act:
More Taxes and Inflation Ahead.
Here''s What You Can Do to Protect
Your Heath and Your Pocket Book -- NOW!

This may be hard to accept, especially if you''re looking for work, paying high COBRA bills, have no health insurance coverage, or are about to lose it. Yet, the facts remain: big changes are coming to health care and health insurance, and about the only thing that''s certain is that costs will continue to climb.

The bottom line is this: while Congress and the White House continue to wrestle over details of Heath Care Reform, life goes on. Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. You risk your personal health and financial security every day you go without coverage.

But with the sweeping changes just ahead, it may not be wise to lock into a permanent health care plan just now. For example, insurers may be required to take all comers and won''t be permitted to turn you down for a pre-existing condition, or cut you off after you get sick. And within a few broad classes, everyone would pay the same amount for insurance.

Right now, you can''t be sure how the Health Reform Act will affect you or what new choices and decisions you may face. That''s why it just makes sense to get a free, no obligation quote on a Short Term Medical Plan now that:

  • You can pay for only the exact number of days you desire
  • Costs less than COBRA
  • 24-hour access to doctors by telephone
  • No Waiting -- Apply today and be covered as early as tomorrow
  • You keep your own doctors
  • Save 20% by making one up-front payment, or pay as you go

What''s more, there is NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION, AND NO SALESMAN WILL CALL. Plus, your satisfaction is assured with our 10-day money-back guarantee.

Going without health insurance is a risk not worth taking. Get your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE right now!