Launch Your Free Offer

Launch Your Free Offer

Launch Your Free Offere

Have an irresistable free offer that is ready to drive your potential clients to sign up for your mailing list?

The Free Offer Package is perfect if you’re just starting out and are eager to grow your email list, or if you’ve been health coaching for a while and the technical details are holding you back from implementing your free offer.

Package Details

  • » 30-Minute Tech Strategy Session This call is all about you and your program. We’ll cover everything that is needed to make your program a smashing success.
  • » Free Offer Promoted On Your Website The only way your website visitors will know you have a free offer to share is by placing it in a spot front and center of your website. We’ll create a web form that links to your email marketing provider and set it up on your website so the folks in your target market who come into your website won’t be able to resist signing up.
  • » Creation Of Squeeze Page To Grow Your List A squeeze page is a dedicated page on your website that describes your free offer, why the subscriber wants what you have to offer and what benefits they’ll gain from signing up. Having a squeeze page in place on your website is excellent for marketing yourself when you’re connecting with others online – you simply share with them the squeeze page URL and you never have to worry that they’ll miss your web form when they go to your homepage.
  • » Creation of Autoresponder Follow-up Emails To stay connected with your new subscribers, offering a series of follow-up autoresponders is a great idea to help them get to know who you are and what you have to offer as a health coach. You can get in touch easily after each person subscribes without having to lift a finger. We’ll create a follow-up autoresponder series (up to 5 emails) so you can keep spreading the word about your business without having to spend time writing emails all day.
  • » Custom Downloads Page If your free offer comes in the form of a downloadable document, we will create a customized download page on your website. This saves you time having to email each subscriber over and over with the same document – and creates a streamlined process you won’t have to think about.

“As a health coach herself, Rachael raised my confidence even further. There was no need to explain “the why” of my project. She understands what programs health coaches want to deliver and the technical “behind the scenes” of it all. Rachael is also and absolute pleasure to work with. Without a doubt, I will be working with Rachael on my future tech projects knowing that I will save hours of time and frustration. Now I can focus more on my health coaching practice and my family.”
Shawne Rosenblum, AuD, CHC, Health Coach