Eco-Friendly Laundry

Eco-Friendly Laundry

The next time you do the dishes or your next load of laundry you should think about if you are harming the environment or not. Many soaps are harmful and there are ways you can make sure you are doing your part to take care of the environment you live in. This means with the types of soap you choose to do your laundry with.

Phosphates are the worst and most worrisome pollutants for the environment. These cause build-ups of algae and bacteria which are responsible for robbing bodies of water of needed oxygen. This can literally choke out any life forms in the water. Problems like this are occurring everywhere. The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was signed in 1972. This agreement was signed by the United States and Canada which bans the use of phosphates in laundry and dish soap used in specific regions.

Even though there is a pact or agreement these chemicals are still used in detergent and dish soap. The chemicals and pollutants are not only bad for the environment but they also cause problems with the body like skin irritations, allergies, and other issues.

There are plenty of environmentally friendly dish soaps and laundry soaps you can find on the market today that are not harmful to the skin. If you have a business and you claim to be ‘green’ then you need to invest in these things too, especially if your employees wear uniforms. For example, you might do laundry with your freemasons business or San Diego cruises line for all staff. Be sure your detergent is friendly. You don’t want someone who has their Green Card to point out that you are not following your ‘going green’ motto.

When you are shopping for laundry detergent and dish soap you need to check the labels to ensure you are buying something that is friendly for the environment. The ingredients are what you need to look for and not what the slogan or tag line says on the bottle. Many companies will try and trick you into thinking they are friendly to get you to purchase their brand although they really are not. Just because something says it is natural doesn’t mean it is not toxic or harmful to the environment. The ingredients that are environmentally friendly in dish soap and laundry detergent include grain alcohol, coconut, rosemary and sage, plant oils and more. The ingredients that you want to stay away from include things like butyl cellosolve, petroleum, phosphates, and triclosan. Detergents with fragrances also have chemicals in them that are even linked to some forms of cancer.

The next time you wash the dishes or do the laundry you need to think about if you are being friendly to the environment or not. You are using water that is dumped back into the environment and you wear the clothes. Take care of you and take care of the environment by using healthy soaps so you can have a cleaner house and clothes.

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