Bamboo Blinds  Cordless bamboo blinds

Bamboo Blinds Cordless bamboo blinds

Our store carries durable and cheap cordless bamboo blinds. These cordless blinds are much safer for your home if you have young kids or pets. For you want to find some good deals on cordless bamboo shades, visit our online store for good low prices blinds and shades.

Recently, there have been some massive recall by major retailers such as Walmart on traditional blinds that have strings. This is because there was a number of cases reported about children being suffocated to death by being entrangled by the strings of the blinds. Parents voiced their concerns and the likes of Walmart responded by recalling all their blinds, roman shades etc.

In replacement, manufacturers and retailers are now producing and selling cordless versions of all types of blinds including bamboo roman blinds, cellular blinds, mini blinds, patio blinds, roll up blinds etc. Our store is also responding by stocking more cordless bamboo blinds. In a few weeks time, you will see a new section called store that will provide images and pictures of all the blinds we have on sale. If you are looking for a good deal, remember to bookmark us and come back for more updates.

Besides safety reasons, cordless blinds also have the advantage of being neater than traditional blinds. Without the strings dangling in the air, they look much more elegant and tidy. When operating these blinds, you simply have to move them manually by hand. Recently, there has been some motorized or automatic blinds when you can use remote control or use a timer to move the blinds automatically. They cost a bit more and but for people who are hardpressed for time, this can be a very convenient way to adjusting your blinds.

Cordless bamboo blinds comes in a variety of colors. The most popular is of course the brown colored blinds. However, white color bamboo blinds have been catching a lot of buyers attention as well. People like white due to the fact that these are simple to match with your existing furniture as well as bringing a touch of elegance and simplity to your house.

Cleaning cordless blinds is the same process as cleaning traditional blinds. I have post before about how to clean bamboo blinds in general. If you want more information, you can click on the link to read up on using simple process to maintain your blinds in good condition.

Hope that this article is useful in helping you know about cordless bamboo blinds and how to buy them.