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Green Tea and Weight Loss – A treat for married men

It just happened a week back. It was my brother’s birthday, whom my friend got married to, 6 months back. I’d heard people say men blow up after marriage, but when I met my brother nearly after 6 months, I strode to believe the saying. He seemed like an apple placed over a pumpkin; slightly a larger apple though. Well, we had a blast having the first get together after their wedding. The cake was the second best part of the party, and I rank dinner third. Wondering what was the best one? His birthday present from his wife. It was some 1 or 2 kg pack of Green Tea for Weight Loss, and that too the best one in the market. We almost burst out laughing looking at the disappointment on his face. Well, jokes apart. After that incident only, I thought of making some informal research on benefits [...]

Whey Protein Weight Loss Plan – 3 Problems, 1 Solution

Whey Protein Weight Loss Plan – 3 Problems, 1 Solution

Women and shopping, men and body building are the two most compatible pairs in the universe. While women are constantly planning to burn big holes in the pockets of their men, the latter are more inclined towards burning fat and building muscles. A high- protein diet helps quite fine in these tasks. But this too has side effects. Burning more fat and building more muscles with high protein intake and working out for long can leave one dehydrated, which can bring later ill effects. The University of Connecticut conducted a research including separate groups of athletes who ate low- protein diets and high- protein diets respectively. Those people on high- protein diets were found to have less storage of water in their bodies. Thus, the researchers concluded that a diet high in protein, taken [...]

Posted in Weight Loss March 9, 2011

Pain Meds can leave you Impotent – says a new study

A new study recognizes links between impotence among men and a prolonged and excessive intake of painkillers. There are recent researches made, which have discovered that regular use of pain drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, celebrex, acetaminophen, etc. leads to 38 % added likelihood of erectile dysfunction among the consumers of these drugs. Men who did not depend on the so called anti-inflammatory painkillers, said to be non- steroidal, were seen to have comparatively quite less effects of these drugs on their potencies. According to Dr. Joseph Gleason – urologist, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles – these kinds of drugs were potential enough to bring about cessations, blockage or slowing down of the production of hormones responsible for the erection in men. It has been reported that men [...]

Posted in News March 4, 2011

Meal Plans For Weight Loss – Guts To Lose The Gut

It doesn’t crack a big deal if you’re a vegetarian or not, unless it comes to losing weight. Men are more conscious about it, since they have an extra job of bodWeight Lossy building along with shedding the extra kilos. The meat diet definitely adds to your gain of weight. If you have a twin aim of losing weight as well as building up the body, then the suggested techniques are to do first thing first and then the later. Once you lose weight, you can resume your non- vegan diet. But, till then, bid a bye to all your animal meals. For those who may get confused about eggs, it is not considered as a non- veg. food any more. Low calorie intake is the first step towards planning meals for weight loss. Let us take a look at how can you workout meal plans for weight loss. Begin with breakfast An [...]

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Obesity could be described as a medical condition which would include excess fat being accumulated; and this accumulation will reach a stage where the fat could end up having an adverse effect on your health, which might in turn lead to lowered levels of life expectancy or other health problems that deter the quality of life. Obesity is said to become morbid when it reaches a point when it reaches a stage where it will increase the risk of the health conditions that come along with obesity and these could be really serious health conditions. When you read about obesity, you will often come across the term ‘clinically severe obesity’. Morbid obesity and this phrase are known to denote the same condition and you could use them interchangeably. If you were to define morbid obesity, it would [...]

Posted in Health March 1, 2011