Yeast And Home Remedies

Yeast And Home Remedies

Many useful utensils in the kitchen remain unknown. popular kitchen constituents and seasonings are an efficacious cure for injuries and infections. Yeast infections can sometimes be caused by micro-organisms from the Candida albicans. But don’t be surprised to know that home remedies for yeast infection can be very efficacious in eliminating these micro-organisms.

The micro-organism Candida is always ever-present in our bodies. The growth of fungi creates infections when the environment and our bodies change. This alteration in the surroundings can range from improper acidic or alkaline balance to inadequate diet. Raised levels sugar in your diet, taking antibiotics or oral contraceptive pills, and hormone changes can all trigger yeast infections. These components can cause the fungi to be present resulting in very painful signs.

Home Cures

Although a number of products are commercially available to help soothe the irritation brought by yeast infection, you might find these products a little costly or buying them would be quite inconvenient or you need the cure this instant. Also, there might be a possibility that the fungi acquire a resistance to commercially available medications.

Alternative Treatments

Some of the curatives that have been advocated include the use of borax especially if the yeast infection causes discharge that looks like egg white - calcarea carbonica to help with the itching and burning sensations felt before and after menstruation, kali bichromicum to ease a very painful discharge with itchiness and burning, natrum muriaticum, pulsatilla, sepia and sulphur.

These micro-organisms can be fought against with other micro-organisms. The use of probiotic bacteria is what we are speaking of and they are a good organism that occurs naturally in your digestive tract and vagina. When probiotic microflora grow, it suppresses the development of the Candida responsible for the infections. It is a war waged by micro-organisms. It’s pretty likely that these kinds of remedies may not be readily available at home. There are many natural, homemade curatives available.

Many people have reported favorable results when using garlic to treat yeast infections. Make a paste by mincing garlic cloves with a garlic press, or by chopping the cloves with a sharp knife until very fine. Right away apply the garlic paste to the area around the vagina. Obstinate fungi can be combated with the antibacterial action of garlic. The only real disadvantage is its odor.

A lesser stinky substance would substitute honey. However, the smell may not be as strong as garlic but the stickiness of honey would be quite uncomfortable. Honey, applied on affected areas, has been said to alleviate various symptoms of infection. You should apply honey and let it be for half an hour before cleansing with warm water

Vinegar is also a very strong antifungal and antibacterial cure. A combination of vinegar and warm water is reported to be very effective. The area must be soaked for at least twenty minutes in order to see or feel any effect. Cider vinegar is said to be more efficacious.

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