Berry on Cardinals Berry on Cardinals

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Berry on Cardinals Well contrary to the hopes of some fans the Cardinals can''t cancel the season they still plow through. A month left on the schedule in the peach tree in his role in the fox sports there''s studios to help us. Plow through that next month the Cardinals at the Broncos this week kind of a battle of war of attrition if you will but looking back the last Sunday against the Rams had to go so wrong so that the first. of the game when they were unable to get to it council''s first two drives I think their confidence was shot they really if we''re relying on those first two with that a tone with a division opponent. That being very well and once they weren''t able to get that and they went into halftime. Behind instead of having a lead I think you really took a lot of themselves the quarterbacking carousel continues to Anderson yet I think with a concussion probably won''t play this week Max Hall Anthony shoulder injury. Answered John Skelton. We''ve seen Mark Barron Black Jersey him since the pre season we expect about him. Playing the quarterback position this week for the Cardinals before and you just one had a guy come in and manage the game John is going to be asked don''t turn the ball over time to get the ball down the field. We want you to the ball off to Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower or the courses of this offense. You just want got to come in and manage the game you don''t want him to take any chances. Because Denver is gonna take advantage of the as far as his recognition of different zones and blitzes and man coverages. He''s not had the reps that the other quarterbacks have had so. It''s going to be tough for him to go win and try to make plays behind so he''s really gonna have to rely on. The defense for one and running backs who''s had a worse year exit to this point that the Broncos who just fired their coach Josh McDaniels are. I really believe the Cardinals because we think about what the Cardinals are coming off of the coming off the tee time. Division championship is coming the team has won. Ten games last year in the and you come into this game with a seven game losing streak that''s really tough and these guys are wondering. When they''re gonna get a win right now he''s got to play for their jobs are playing for. Pride they would wanna make sure that the coaches are looking at them as part of the problem they wanna be known as part of the solution though. I know these guys didn''t come out and play very spirited but are they gonna play well enough to win the game definitely issues we think we''ll. I don''t think so there''s just too much instability. Let''s get the quarterback position you have stability between two teams you always look at the quarterback play. And Kyle Orton is a proven quarterback in this league he''s come in and played very well for the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears when He was there so. You look at that position alone. You gotta give Mark Barron Jersey Ebay the advantage to the Broncos well there''s a ton of retirement sellers he''s about what has your arm He played quarterback in the NFL no no quarterback in I hit a quarterback. will be back here. Next week to break down. Next week''s opponent but that. It''s the Broncos this week at Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale cup team.