Marketing Medical Spas

Marketing Medical Spas

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Medical Spa Marketing: Strategies for building and using patient testimonials

Trusted Cosmetic Medical Associations: ASAPS, AAD, FACS, or ASDS logos on your site build patient trust. Of course, these medical associations understandably restrictive and very protective of their “status”. This leads to less the formation of restrictive medical associations. MAPA was formed was to add some legitimacy to a group of non-core physicians practicing cosmetic medicine that wouldn’t be accepted to core physician associations.

Large Third Party Endorsements & Validations: The Botox “Diamond Level Injector” status is an example of third party endorsement (by Allergan) as are others that are run by companies trying to help their physician customers. (Medical Spa Marketing links to your site are also a third party endorsement.) Interestingly, many third party endorsements actually have a more favorable impact for patients searching on the web than association endorsements since the third party is often more “relevant” to the information a patient is looking for.

These kinds of accolades or promotions from prominent third-party players can be valuable, it validates your practice and provides a level of instant comfort that you’ve already been checked out by someone who knows.

Most important is your current laser clinic or cosmetic practice patient base.

Start up some third-party testimonial programs: These are most often paid inclusion but there are ways to get these types of third party endorsements for free, or at reduced cost.

Start with some PR: Uncover the ways to build this kind of content that you can share with you local media outlets.

Stockpile ready-made strong human interest and strong visuals of your skin clinics patients: The media (and potential laser clinics patients) love before and after photos. If your fractional laser resurfacing before and after pictures suck, you’re losing paying patients and revenue. Learn how to manage your photos and make them more than just snapshots taken in the back room.

Give your laser clinic’s patient testimonials prominent placement: If you don’t have your patients smiling photo, full name, and a stellar testimonial, you’re less effective that you could be in marketing your laser clinic. Learn how to get patient testimonials that are truthful, candid, and really work.

Look for patient traffic that grows over time from these techniques: The effective use of third party endorsements and patient testimonials work and drive patient flow, but it’s not a technique that provides an instant boost. It’s begins a trend and can take a few months to get rolling.

{If you’re not providing} patient testimonials and third party endorsements to [drive patient flow, start now, your skin clinic, cosmetic dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery practice will benefit far into the future.~If you’re not already using, start now, your skin clinic, cosmetic dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery practice will continue to reap the rewards.}

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