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Job openings in Jordan in medical and para-medic sector

The country has a population of over 5 Million with over 50% of the population being under the age of 20 years. Majority of Jordan?s population is concentrated in cities and other smaller towns.

The fact that Jordan is very poor when it comes to water resources has not presented the country with any water-related disease problems. Over 90% of the country?s population actually has access to clean water. This has meant that most common diseases and ailments are not prevalent. Jordan has been declared a malaria-free zone by UNDP since 2001. This in effect means that medical jobs in Jordan are limited to a certain degree.

Jordan?s government has invested heavily in health care over the years. Reports indicate that the country allocated over 7% of its GDP in health care systems in 2002. The World Bank actually ranks Jordan as the top country in the Middle East in terms of health care services, which is provided in both government and private medical facilities. It is worth noting that Jordan?s government pays close attention to training of the country?s medical personnel. The country had about 200 doctors for every 100,000 people, a ratio that is acceptable globally. Locally trained physicians do proceed abroad ether to the USA or Europe for further studies. This has greatly enhanced the quality of health care available locally.

While Jordan has an adequate number of low cadres medical personnel (Jobs) ; it still requires the services of specialist medical professionals such as surgeons. The country has of late become a major medical destination, attracting patents from as far as USA who visit the country for treatment. Jordan also receives a good number of patients from such countries as Iraq, Palestine, Algeria and Sudan amongst others. The country actually realized over 1 Billion US dollars in 2008 from medical tourism. The King Hussein Cancer Center happens to be the only specialized cancer facility in the Middle East, attracting specialized medical personnel from around the world. While some of these come in to offer their services, others visit the facility for research purposes.

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