Fitness at  Sarasota Memorial Healthplex

Fitness at Sarasota Memorial Healthplex

  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Disease Assessment Center
  • Health education library and resource center
  • Ongoing health education classes and support groups for people living with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions, conducted by interdisciplinary teams of health professionals

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The Healthplex Fitness Center features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, professional management and staff, and a full line of programs designed to reach your personal health and fitness goals. These group programs include:

Cycling – An invigorating cardio workout performed on a stationary bike based on sound cycling principles. Classes focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, sport-speci2fic drills, climbs and “spin-ups” that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging.

Cycling X-press – A 45 minute, heart pumping, fun cardio workout.

Changing Gears – Whether it’s an endurance, hills, or interval ride---you are guaranteed a great workout with a purpose.

Crank it up! – Take your ride further, faster, harder and longer. There’s only one way.

Extreme Cycle – 55minutes of intense climbs, fast –paced flats, and interval training while simulating an early morning road ride.

Le tour de’ Friday! – A fun and motivating class. Ride away into the weekend!

Psyched up Cycle – after this ride you will never be the same. Take it to the next level.

Race Day – High Intensity ! Sprints and Hills! Meet the challenge of the ride!

Sunrise Cycle – the perfect way to start your day! Loud, hard, demanding and challenging. Exhilarating and addictive. …you will be amazed at the results. Come early to get a bike!

Aqua Aerobics
Aqua Tai Chi – A relaxing form of Tai Chi that increases the flexibility of the limbs and joints through range of motion movements done in the warm water therapy pool.

Aqua Yoga – Focuses on building strength and flexibility that creates a foundation for Yoga poses and helps improve one’s overall balance while flowing through graceful movements.

Back In Action – A gentle exercise class designed especially for people who have physical limitations.

Broadway Babes – Sing along as you enjoy a fun cardio aqua workout, results guaranteed!

Deep H20 – Deep water, walking/running class that puts an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strength. Non-impact cardio workout! This is a wonderful addition to your treadmill, bike or walking regimen.

Hi- Lo H20 – Water aerobics for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Hydro-Fusion – Take the stress out of your program by diving into this fun, low impact, total body workout suitable for all fitness levels. Core conditioning and stabilization exercises incorporated to improve balance and posture.

Pump H20 – High intensity water aerobics for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Wet & Wild – Groove to the tunes, sweat while you’re wet, and get fit and energized as we take you through fun cardio and resistance exercises for a low impact total body workout.

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Aqua Aerobics

Low Impact – An alternative to other aerobic workouts with high intensity but low impact moves.

Cardio Combo – Total body workout with aerobic dance intervals for cardiovascular fitness, combined with free weight component for muscle strengthening. Appropriate for students of all levels.

Step ‘n Tone – a low impact high intensity step class, combined with floor conditioning work. Great calorie burner!

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Powerplex – This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Barbells and dumbbells are used for intensity.

Power Sculpt – Total toning workout. Specific exercises for the most effective workout. Low impact. Results guaranteed.

Body Sculpt – Upper and lower body conditioning exercises spiced with balance and agility drills that will challenge your core and postural muscles for strength, endurance and stability.

Sports Conditioning and Stretch – Focusing on strengthening and stretching all muscle groups used for most sports.

Brazilian Butts – An excellent classic cardio workout incorporates floor work specifically targeting buns and legs. Tone and define while you have fun!

Butts “n” Guts – Work the abs, back, butt and legs, developing core strength, balance and stability; utilizing sports conditioning.

Sit, Stretch and Tone – A gentle, calming chair class. Therapeutic and rehabilitative. All levels.

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Yoga Fusion – Create the strength and flexibility needed to build yoga poses and to move in graceful movement sequences. All levels.

Gentle Yoga – An introduction to yoga, designed for beginners and members that need to improve balance and flexibility.

Yoga Levels 1 & 2 – This class is an intermediate level, for those who are ready to progress from Gentle Yoga for beginners.

Fitness Yoga – An exciting and challenging level of Astanga-Anusura yoga, stimulating and invigorating for all levels.

Kripalu Yoga – A sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen and balance your body using breathing and deep relaxation techniques.

Tai Chi – Includes instruction of postures, education in transitional moves and stress reduction /body awareness exercises. Improves endurance, strength, agility and efficiency of movement in an hour of pure fun!

Mat Pilates – An innovative system of mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. Pilates teaches body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement and increases core strength, flexibility, agility and economy of motion.

Yogalates – Multi-level Pilates to tone the overall body, improve core strength and increase coordination skills. Combined with yoga to increase flexibility, improve balance and calm the mind.

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N.I.A. – (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) A non-impact movement class that combines tai chi, yoga, martial arts, and modern and ethnic dance. Can be done without shoes.

Dance Fiesta – Simple dance moves that are fun and effective. Great workout. No experience needed.

Dance Fusion – An exciting assortment of Latin, African, Eastern and Western dances combined with other aerobic exercises. An excellent way to burn calories and have fun! Core specific hula –hooping added for fun. You will love this class!

Zumba ® – A fusion of Latin and international music. Simple routines combining aerobic and fitness interval training that tone and sculpt the body. The FEEL-HAPPY WORKOUT!