Achieving Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

Achieving Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

Here are 5 secrets to help you get in shape this year:

1. Keep your goals PRIVATE.

The last thing you want is for the wrong person to find out that you want to improve your diet or take a few inches off your waistline. Because he or she will try to bring you down with negativity and get in the way of you developing new and good habits. Dont even give them the chance.

2. Decide your reason for achieving this goal.

Since you’ve made a resolution to get in shape, think of your reasons why. This is more important than you realize. You need to figure out what personally motivates you and gets your juices flowing. Do you want to look better in the mirror, have more energy? Attract someone new into your life? Whatever the reason is, you must know.

3. Use this reason to keep you going when things get rough.

Whenever it gets tough maintaining your new habits day after day or you start to prioritize other things, keep this reason in mind. Focus on it and you’ll be back in action in no time.

4. Don’t do this alone.

Your habits reflect the habits of those around you. Getting around healthy people will make achieving your goals easier. Being around unhealthy people gets you up for failure.

5. If you screw up, don’t worry about it.

Dont worry if you fall back into your old habits for a week. If you miss a couple workout sessions, dont waste time feeling bad. Just get started again and treat it as a learning experience. If you eat bad for a week or two, pouting won’t do any good. Just laugh it off and get started again.

If you take advantage of these five secrets, 2009 WILL be the year you achieve the body of your dreams.